Imagination Heals brings uplifting children’s stories and imagination-based activities to the lives of hospitalized children, helping them enjoy themselves and experience personal growth when they need it most. Our focus is enabling children to creatively and joyfully express themselves as they develop self-confidence, perseverance and resilience. This program has been designed to help patients and families gain practical tools and growth experiences through creative interactions with our Imagination Heals team using fun activities.  

We engage children in imagination-based activities such as visualization and storytelling, perform, give out Pacha Pajamas books and CDs and much more. Please visit for more information on Pacha’s Pajamas.

Imagination Heals sprouts from stories about a young girl named Pacha who uses her imagination to overcome the obstacles she encounters in everyday life. In the first Pacha’s Pajamas story, she journeys to an epic music festival organized for (and by) plants and animals. The animals’ experiences convey clues about the state of their habitat and the impact of human activities. Through this dream experience, Pacha falls in love with nature, realizes she is part of nature and that she has all that she needs within herself.

The Pacha’s Pajamas story translates key aspects of today’s reality into a magical story which enables kids to better understand real life situations. It also helps them understand how they can make a difference in the world and within themselves. The story handles real life topics including climate change, childhood illness, drought, hurricanes, extreme weather events, habitat loss, plastics, appropriate technology, resource extraction, deforestation and more.

In her dream journey, Pacha experiences making change through various creative activities, including visualization, mindfulness, music, dance, teamwork, cooperation and much more. Through these experiences, she develops a better understanding of herself, her creative talents and how she can use them to positively impact the world. For more information on Pacha’s Pajamas, see

We believe every child is unique and bears special gifts that can benefit the world as well as help them cope with stressful life situations. Imagination Heals offers respite and relief for children in the hospital environment, enabling them to experience imagination-based therapies that support their healing process. (It should be noted that the imagination-based therapies are an adjunct to and not a replacement for accepted therapies.) These can include singing, beatboxing, rapping, dancing, toning, mindfulness, gardening, visualization, laughter yoga and more. The program also includes artist collaborations including interactive workshops, live performances and celebrity visits.