Prospective Sponsors


Imagination Heals brings transformational entertainment to Children’s Hospitals and related institutions, leveraging the therapeutic effects of music, stories and the arts to bring hope and inspiration to kids when they need it the most. The program has many benefits for hospitals, sponsors and children.

“Music can reduce depression and anxiety, calm us down and offer relief for chronic pain.” ~Kaiser Permanente

How it works: Corporate sponsors make a tax-deductible donation to Imagination Heals; optionally the sponsor can specify a target hospital, city or region for their donation. As its first offering, Imagination Heals distributes the nature-themed “Pacha’s Pajamas” (see below) books and albums to selected hospitals for use in the hospital creative and gifting programs. The program also brings performances and celebrities to the hospitals.

Performances include an interactive storytelling experience called the Pacha’s Pajamas Story Cipher. In the story cipher, we engage the children in variety of activities in a unique blend of singing, beatboxing, rapping, dancing, toning, mindfulness and laughter yoga in the context of a magical journey to the greatest festival on Earth, organized for (and by) plants and animals.

“Pacha’s Pajamas music, books and shows will be beautiful gifts for our low-income youth!” ~ Pediatricians’ Rep at Highland

PR opportunities include the initial sponsorship, the placement of books and albums at hospitals, videos from hospital visits, and feedback from doctors and hospital staff. Sponsors are listed on the Imagination Heals website and in relevant interviews.

Benefits to Sponsors

Imagination Heals provides many ways for sponsors to express and promote their corporate social responsibility.

  • Support  children recovering faster and developing their imagination
  • Support children seeing their vast potential and understanding their connectedness with nature and one another
  • Support children expressing their creative vision through making music, telling stories and focusing their mind
  • Support children connecting nature and themselves
  • Support local, regional, national or international hospitals
  • Promotions from flashmob and Spiral Videos
  • Network with celebrities
  • Promotions from the celebrity visits

Sponsorship Packages

We have four sponsorship packages that can be customized to meet your corporate social responsibility needs. Packages include donation processing, shipping, outreach and engagement with hospitals, documentation of visits, and promotion. Packages do not include travel or related expenses.

International Level:
10,000 total units gifted (books and/or CDs) to 10 Hospitals + 10 Shows

National Level:
6,000 total units gifted (books and/or CDs) to 10-15 U.S. hospitals + 6 shows

Regional Level:
2,000 total units gifted (books and/or CDs) to 2-4 U.S. hospitals + 2 shows

Local Level:
500 total units gifted (books and/or CDs) to 1-2 U.S. hospitals + 1 show

Custom bundles and additional services available upon request