Imagine yourself visiting some of your fans at a time when you can really uplift their spirits. Imagine yourself jammin’ with hospitalized kids, making music and telling stories. Imagine yourself telling the stories of these touching and inspiring visits.

Join us as an Imagination Heals Ambassador, and share your craft with children needing your encouragement while they are hospitalized.

Use your artistic talent as a musician, an actor or artist to help spread the word about our efforts to bring hope and joy to kids when they need it the most through transformational entertainment that helps them discover their vast potential.

Check out our pop musical that inspires kids to be superheros for the planet!

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

Imagination Heals provides many ways for celebrities to express their commitment to improving the world.

  • Support ¬†children recovering faster and developing their imagination
  • Support children seeing their vast potential and understanding their connectedness with nature and one another
  • Support children expressing their creative vision through making music, telling stories and focusing their mind
  • Support children connecting nature and themselves
  • Support local, regional, national or international hospitals
  • Promotions from Spiral Videos

For more information, email info@balanceedutainment.com.