Visiting the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit

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Herman Moore

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore reads along with patients of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan

As noted in a Detroit Free Press article, Imagination Heals had an inspiring visit at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Aaron Ableman, author of Pacha’s Pajamas, told the story in the performance area near the lobby as well as interacted with children in the Children’s Lounge. Aaron was accompanied by Per Wickstrom, CEO of A Forever Recovery, as well as former Detroit Lions wide receiver and NFL Hall of Fame nominee, Herman Moore. Not surprising, everyone over five years old in the hospital seemed to know who Herman was.

Children's Hospital of Michigan

Aaron Ableman, Per Wickstrom and Herman Moore interact with children at the hospital

The Children’s Lounge is a place for child inpatients to come and forget their troubles. On that particular day there were a handful of kids painting and playing. The highlight of the visit was when Ableman played the flute to accompany a three year girl named MacKenzie, who was rocking a tiny replica piano. And it was her idea!

In addition to performing and interacting with kids, Imagination Heals sponsors A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation donated 700 Pacha’s Pajamas albums to the hospital.

When we were debriefing with Deanna, a Children’s Life staffer, she mentioned that a four year old cancer patient named Megan had cried uncontrollably when we left the performance area, desperately wanting the story to continue. Fortunately, Megan’s mom remembered the Pacha’s Pajamas CD we had given them and handed it to Megan. Megan stopped crying immediately and told both Deanna and her mom that she was going to listen to the CD on the way home and report back.

We’re looking forward to hearing Megan’s feedback 🙂